We are so excited to have you as a bride at Haycroft Farm Wedding Venue.

We have tried to create a tool to help and simplify your wedding planning.

Click on any of the icons, to start.

A google sheet will open up, and you can start adding your notes, quotes, and any other information as and when you feel like it.

Only you can see the sheet once you have begun editing. *Remember to save this*

This should cover all aspects of your wedding day, but there may be additional items you wish to add, or additional service providers you would like to hire. Feel free to add / delete as you feel necessary.

Some sheets have an option to “Share with Haycroft Farm”. Once you are happy with the sheet, hit the share button, and this will be sent though to us.

Ie. The accommodation tab: once you have completed this form, and you would like Dudu to start the reservation process, hit share & it will automatically be sent though to reception.


Please note:

Any values that are added to the individual sheets, will be carried though to the “budget” sheet:

Please note that this has been carefully designed to assist with your planning, but we can not be held liable for any changes made to the document, which could manipulate data, and incorrectly calculate values. Always double check your finances and budget!


If you have any feedback, or would like to ask any question – don’t hesitate to contact us.


Happy Planning!

Love from the Haycroft Farm “I DO Crew”